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Cases We Handle

Serious Injury

Our California Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spine Injury Lawyers know that victims often require extensive and long-term medical care. They fight to win our clients the most significant compensation for their damages and pain and suffering for what are the worst accidents that occur in Escondido or San Diego areas.

Dog Bites

Dog bite accidents can result in disfigurement, soft tissue injuries, infections, illnesses, and even death. But accidents may also include broken bones from being pushed over by a dog, and other situations that our Escondido and San Diego trial attorneys have seen. Our California dog bite lawyers are experienced in getting the maximum compensation for injuries caused by dogs.

Premises Liability

Victims of premises liability suffer physical injuries due to dangerous conditions at the property of an owner or manager who should have corrected them. Our California premises liability lawyers can help get the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Products Liability

Defective products that malfunction or have defects can cause major injury to a person. Our California products liability lawyers have had success winning these complicated cases.

Car Accidents

Our Escondido and San Diego area car accident attorneys have experience with all types of car crashes. We help victims get the maximum compensation for their car crash injuries, medical bills, and lost wages.

Truck Accidents

Victims who were hit by a big rig, 18-wheeler, semi-truck, Amazon delivery truck, FedEx truck, UPS or DHL trucks often suffer extreme injuries, disfigurement, amputation or even death. In these cases, our Escondido and San Diego, California truck accident attorneys can help secure significant compensation for those who were struck by a truck, especially since they may require rehabilitation for many months or years to come.

Motorcycle Accidents

Police often put motorcyclists at-fault on accident reports, and our lawyers know how to get the maximum compensation even when insurance companies play all sorts of tricks to get out of paying out to victims of Escondido and San Diego motorcycle accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

Our bicycle accident attorneys understand that when cyclists are hit by a car or truck while riding their bike, or the failure of bicycle parts, they often experience severe injuries in Escondido and greater San Diego areas.

Construction Accidents

Victims involved in a construction accident in Escondido or San Diego, California may expect significant compensation as their injuries are likely to be extreme. Our trial lawyers can help people injured at construction sites or walking by construction sites receive compensation.

Uber/Lyft Accidents

Our Escondido Uber & Lyft accident attorneys fight for injured accident victims who were hit by an Uber, Lyft or taxi, or suffered injuries while being a passenger of a rideshare vehicle or bus.

Aviation Accidents

The Escondido plane crash lawyers represent victims of aviation accidents, which are unfortunately common in the greater San Diego area. Family members pursuing wrongful death claims in California can trust our attorneys to fight for their families’ rights and compensation.

Pedestrian accidents

The impact of getting hit by a car or truck while crossing the street in Escondido or San Diego, California can involve some of the worst injuries that our attorneys have seen. Pedestrian accident victims can trust our attorneys to help them win the maximum compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and ongoing medical care.